Flexo plate making machine

Large size plate making machine

All in one type, Exposing (UVA and UVC)・Washing・Drying

Motor driven hatch for easy operating.

  plate making size (mm)    dimension (mm)    Power
            500 x 700  1650 x 965 x 1090 220V/50Hz
            635 x 762 1750 x 1165 x 1060  380V/50Hz
           800 x 1050 1850 x 1280 x 1460 380V/50Hz

details    click  here and move to the PDF"MK7612"



Small size plate making machine


All in on type, Exposing (UVA and UVC)・Washing・Drying 

Philips UV lights

  Plate making size (mm)  Dimension (mm)    Power
          350 x 450  620 x 450 x 950 220V/50Hz
          450 x 600  750 x 650 x 1050  220V/50Hz
          600 x 700 1100 x 750 x 1130 220V/50Hz



Water-base felxo plate washing machine


For solvent plate user,  Exposing and Drying you can use the current machine.



Drum type plate making machine

No need to reduce the film size.


Letter Press Plate making machine

All in one type, Exposing, Washing and Drying.

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